Company history, mission statement

Our company was founded in 1997.
Customers are welcome in our butchers shop in Váci út 138/b, Budapest 13th District. We are offering a wide choice of delicious butcher-made commodities further to warm dishes on 160 square meters.

Following the take-over of the retail space our targets were a comprehensive restoration of the premises and their enhancing to a higher quality standard over the past three years which have been carried out with success.

The enterprise Metzger 97 Ltd. (Kft). is a member of CBA Group.

Since 2004 Metzger 97 Ltd. has been operating as a HACCP -certified unit.

During the past years it has become clear that the retail proceeds alone would not allow us to run through the necessary development. This led to the idea of distributing meat to restaurants and factory canteen kitchens. As the turnover of the latter grew, so did the requirements.Shortly after Metzger 97 Ltd. had acquired its first refrigerated van, it was followed by a second one. Today our fleet counts four refrigerated vans! In order to keep up with a reliable service to our customers it seemed opportune to open a second warehouse shelving even wider selection of stocks and higher quantities of meat products. In 2002 a separate storehouse with three cold rooms stacking another 40 metric tons of stocks was inaugurated.

Our company has a running collaboration with several wholesalers from all over the country. Thanks to its well-working company relations, Metzger 97 Ltd. can frequently offer greatly reduced prices, and our clientele can evidently make a good bargain there, too. Since even the warehouse entered into service in 2002 proved to be a size too small, meanwhile our major lots of meat products have been stored and distributed from the CBA Logistic Centre Alsonemedi.

Our policy means a well equilibrated relation between quality and price. Thus we prefer high quality commodities and services and professionally processed home-reared meat rather than cheep and shoddy articles, nevertheless, all these at a competitive price.

The undertakings of Metzger 97 Ltd. are limited to those it can perform with excellence!

Today we feel honoured to be a listed subcontractor to a considerable number of notable restaurants and other players of food service industry in and around Budapest.

Tibor Sörös
Managing director